About Us

Cape Local Painters Was Founded In 2018 by Two Entrepreneurs as a means to introduce new Millennial decoration and designing which includes New interior and New exterior decorating skills to the Western Cape Residents and Apartments.

Cape Local Painters Is Operated and supervised by 2 directors, being expects in painting and waterproofing they grouped up to approach and challenge the painting and decorating industry.

Cape Local Painters Focuses on being the best Paint & Water Proofing Contractors in the Painting and Waterproofing industry by setting new standards of quality, technical knowledge and intensive training. We focus on both Commercial and Domestic Projects, within the Western Cape, South Africa.

Company’s Strength And Goal In Painting

1. Company:

We elected to trade as a Company rather than a Close Corporation; stricter financial audits are required, resulting in a well-managed, ethical company capable of completing large contracts successfully.

2. Strengthening Our Relationships:

Property managers, commercial managers, architects, interior designers and all other clients. We assist by managing the contract impeccably, thereby freeing you and your staff to focus on your jobs.

3. Health & Safety:

We ensure that our entire work force complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The safety of our workforce is of utmost importance and we continually strive to ensure that all persons working under Cape Local Painters banner whether permanent employees, casuals or sub-contractors all receive Health and Safety Training and Health and Safety Development.

We also ensure that all aspects of Health and Safety are continually assessed and that the required safety measures are reinforced on sites:

– Health and Safety Training (Procedures and Regulations)
– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
– Skills Development Training
– Training for Scaffold Inspectors and Erectors
– First Aid Training
– Health and Safety Medical examinations
– Medical Fitness Tests to ensure workers are fit to work at heights

4. Regulatory Compliance:

We are fully complaint in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and compulsory regulations such as FEM (Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Fund) and BIBC (Building Industry Bargaining Council). We are also registered with the MBA (Master Builders Association).

5. BBBEE Status:

We have a level 1 BBBEE score rating and continually strive to work in partnership with affiliated BBBEE compliant organizations.

6. Insurance Cover on Sites:

All our sites have full comprehensive cover and full liability cover.

7. Enhancing Relationships with our Manufacturers & Suppliers:

All our staff receive continual training from suppliers, thus ensuring correct Specifications are written and are adhered to at all times.

8. Approved Applicators Status:

We are acknowledged as Approved Applicators by all major paint suppliers. This ensures that we can guarantee our work in conjunction with suppliers.

9. Site Supervision:

A Qualified Foreman will be on site for the full duration of the contract and a Site Manager will be appointed to liaise with a nominated person to assist with planning on site, resolving any issues which might occur and ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s specification.
Please note: The Site Manager will do sign-offs at each stage of the project, namely preparation, primer coats and each subsequent coating application.

10. Site Security:

Our Painting teams wear white overalls with blue caps, our plaster teams wear blue overalls with blue caps, our waterproofers wear red overalls with red caps and are provided with name badges on request. All our vehicles are branded with our company name and logo.

11. Environmentally Friendly:

We are aware of the importance of preserving our natural resources and being environmentally responsible. We are therefore constantly looking at initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint; this includes making use of specialist waste disposal units and specifying eco friendly ‘green’ materials where possible.

12. Social Responsibility:

We are aware of the challenges facing South Africa and therefore contribute to upliftment programs. Some projects we have been and are currently involved with are: the Woodside Special Care Centre for Children, Durbanville Children’s Home, Dunoon Jam Kitchen, Uitzight Animal Shelter, West Coast Animal Shelter and Soil for Life Foundation

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