Painting Contractors

Residential Painting Contractors

With the harsh weather conditions and extreme heat its soon or later when you can need repainting solutions or new colour. We are here to get the job done fast and better for long lasting look with no processes skipped with right mixturing and coating for best experience

Our Residential Services Includes

  • Repainting
  • Sanding and removing old color
  • Interior painting and decorating
  • Exterior painting and decorating
  • Specialist paint finishes
  • Anti slip painting
  • Refurbishment and painting
  • Door & Window Painting
  • Door vanishing
  • Floor painting
  • Roof painting

Cape Local Painters is a Painting and Waterproofing Contractors Company based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Cape Town Local Painters Company Main Purpose is to introduce new Millennial Painting and decorating techniques and skills to the painting and waterproofing industry.

All Our Services are custom tailor to match our clients particular tastes. With a team comprised of expert painting contractors, interior and exterior designers and builders we give you the service you’ve always dreamed of, regardless of your budget. Whether your job is small or big, private or public, we endeavor to give you the perfect painting finish at the best price Cape Town wide!

Our Commercial and Industrial Painting Contractors Sections Covered

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Roads

Call Cape Town Local Painters Your commercial painting contractors at Countrywide today to discuss your commercial painting requirements. We have completed many projects including industrial coating and factory painting around Cape Town

We employ our own qualified and experienced painters and decorators and offer our services on any scale. We are as happy painting a small business premises as we are working on a 200 bedroom hotel. We believe that no job is too big or too small which is why we are happy to provide all the interior and exterior painting services that you need to make your property have a stunning finish and appeal to your customers and staff.

Our expertise extends to specialist paints, anti slip coatings, roof coatings, wallpapers, musking and just about any surface application you can imagine. 

We have a comprehensive health and safety policy in place, our staff are well versed in its application and they are helpful, friendly and keep their work areas clean and tidy.

Core to our painting and decorating service success is our commitment to provide the best finish in a timely manner and to make sure our customers are entirely happy with the work we provide.

Our Contractors Painting Services Includes

  • Repainting
  • Sanding and removing old color
  • Interior painting and decorating
  • Exterior painting and decorating
  • Specialist paint finishes
  • Anti slip painting
  • Fire retardant paint finishes
  • Office Painting
  • Hotels Refurbishment and painting
  • Industrial Painting Services
  • Commercial Painting
  • Door & Window Painting

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It is important that we consult with our clients while making suggestions that will maximize space, reduce costs and produce a truly beautiful and natural atmosphere. With an eye for detail and with a thorough knowledge of design the process, our mission is not only to create a space that meets your needs but one that matches your property, thereby creating a delightful and harmonious environment for you, your family or your employees.

Experienced & Flexible Millennial Painting Contractors

You may have a detailed idea of how you want your walls to look or perhaps you are looking expert advice. Whatever your needs, our Cape Town-based team of designers and Painters welcome all your suggestions and are more than happy to Paint and Waterproof to your individual specifications.

Maybe you prefer it, we’ll gladly take on the full responsibility and provide you with our very nice paint layout ideas. From walls to roofs, we are full unique ideas for both commercial, residential, public and private properties.

We guarantee you a longtime of uncracked walls and no leaks period

If you’d like to get immediate consultation call us today for more information.

Contact us for all types of painting and Waterproofing services: • Painting Contractors • Interior House Painting • Exterior House Painting • Roof Painting • Roof Waterproofing • Basement Waterproofing • Damp Waterproofing • Vanishing • Membrane Waterproofing

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