Damp Waterproofing

If you have any kind of Damp issues within your home, we are here to help. As an expert waterproofing company and having been in business since 2010, we certainly know what we’re talking about when it comes to Damp Proofing in Cape Town, the root causes, the best prevention techniques and ultimately the best cures.

From detecting the source of the issue right through to providing expert advice and the most cost effective treatment, we have the skill and expertise to rid your home of annoying damp for good! Our service is fully comprehensive and includes a full survey, precise costing’s and end evaluation report and guarantee. We are insurance approved Damp Proofing Company and come highly recommended by our past, present and loyal customer base to date.

Damp within your home can take many forms and has many different causes. The first task for our Damp Proofing specialists is to located and determine the root cause of the damp, make a full assessment of the work needed to be done and inform you of the most appropriate treatments.

Usually damp is caused by excess water build up, faulty or broken waterproofing membrane or inadequate drainage. A leaking roof, leaking gutter, downpipe or internal pipe will cause moisture build over time and can cause plaster or exterior render to become loose and flaky which are common tell-tale signs of a damp problem. Even the smallest of leaks in your roof can, over time cause a damp issue and can also affect your timber and overall roof structure.

We cover the following services and treatments at Cape Town Local Painters:

Rising Damp

Cape Town is usually caused by inadequate insulation or inadequate drainage. Moisture collects behind the render or plaster in your walls and causes a bubble effect. If gone untreated, rising damp can be harmful to your health as well as affect the value of your property.
Solution is Installing chemical or osmotic DPC and injecting this into the masonry work will actively repel water and cure the damp problems.

Penetrating Damp 

Usually caused by internally leaking pipes, damaged roof structure, damaged waterproofing membrane or blocked drain. After locating the problem, we treat the plaster with a specialist moisture replant before skimming and resealing the walls.

Basement Treatment

This is a process that can actively allow you to use your basement as a spare room without the issues of damp becoming a problem. As basements are often located below the water table, it’s necessary to construct an inner “tank” so that moisture cannot reach your inner walls and instead is channelled away effectively.

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It is important that we consult with our clients while making suggestions that will maximize space, reduce costs and produce a truly beautiful and natural atmosphere. With an eye for detail and with a thorough knowledge of design the process, our mission is not only to create a space that meets your needs but one that matches your property, thereby creating a delightful and harmonious environment for you, your family or your employees.

Specialised Waterproofing Contractors In Cape Town

You may have a detailed idea of how you want your walls to look or perhaps you are looking expert advice. Whatever your needs, our Cape Town-based team of Waterproofing Contractors welcome all your suggestions and are more than happy to Paint and Waterproof to your individual specifications.

Maybe you prefer it, we’ll gladly take on the full responsibility and provide you with our very nice waterproofing layout ideas. From walls to roofs, we are full unique ideas for both commercial, residential, public and private properties.If you’d like to get immediate consultation call us today for more information.

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